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HELP HELP HELP ! Please I would like to get some advise in resetting bug in pedestrian airbag /service mesage
PPM RESET V40 MODEL 2013 T3 1.6

Hi from holland.........
just got my 'new' V40 (okt 2012) T3 1.6 engine momentum only 16.000km with manny options.
Great car/great looks and drives very confortable on the highways in northern Holland .
As it's car-history is all known/clear to me when I bought it I knew it was involved in a car accident(left front section)en is proffesional repaired (seen all photo's and documents)
The driver's-, passenger- and knee- airbag have been'exploded' and seatbelts and these airbags were correctly replaced by new one's.
Airbagmodule ECU/crashdata has been resetted by volvodealer .
All light/warningsignals /messages are out (red airbag-indication-lamp besides the pedestrian protection serice message comes up ever time when ik start the engine (keyless drive)
Dealer did try several times to reset but told me he could not make any conection to it's module to rewrite/reload the PPM module.
There was any communication with the car because I noticed day-runninglight went off and came on serveral times.
All bumper front inner-sensors where replaced (ca €800,-costs and also replaced including the cable for those 7 sensors addional charching €50 software reload!)
Did see that after running diagnose test for PMM etc the 7 sensors went from status orange to green after 25 minutes running test diagnose(so i think they were detected and tested) but the PPM module stayed orange.
Did posted/send copy of sceen reports .
Hope somebody can give me an advise how to check or someone can send a scheme of cable work to ECU-PMM module to test cablework or something helpfull tips are welcome,
I do know that the pedestrian airbag did not went off in the accident and cable works is located on the right side direct into the compartment.(accident left front section)
Dealer wants now to replace PPM module ad extra€ 460 costs :thumbdown: without reload costs....! Getting a bit worried now ..... Why replacing something which is not damaged.....? ECU running check was okay status so must be more in softwarebug or cable connection or ...or...

Thanks for your positive advise/remarks

Have a nice weekend :thumbup:

Michael V40

PS Hope I'll not 'score' any pedestrians in the meantime unbto repair/reset PPM....Some time in the old days the pedestrian had to look out before crossing...........:exclamation:
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