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Hi all.
Am scratching my head with this one.
I replaced the crank case breather (or at least what I thought it was - on top of the engine block, to the right of the engine badge).
After doing this, I am getting the reduced power warning on every use, occasionally the engine light will come on.
I have used a code reader and it reads P00BD - see linked photo below.
I have replaced the MAF and cleaned the MAP sensor. I have noticed a split in the intercooler pipe and have put a temp fix on that.
Despite that I am still getting the reduced power warning and I can now hear a 'wooshing' noise on acceleration - am assuming i have a leak somewhere, and will investigate this.

I have not, as yet, looked at the EGR unit.

Can anyone help/steer me in the direction of the fault code details and what they mean?

Any other advice will be gratefully received.

Cheers all



1 - 5 of 5 Posts