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rolling roads or dinos

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has anybody take there Volvo to a rolling road or dino and found a way to tell the car its safe .
took mine the weekend to get a base line reading so to have a general point of reference but got a shock 2.5 lt t5 only gets 105 kw and 280 nm of torque on a dino then all **** brakes loose on the dash and the car cuts the power .

if I put it on a 4 wheel dino that is driven rear wheels it gets 154 kw and 415 nm at the wheels .
anybody know if there are fuses to pull out to allow it to run on two wheel dino only.
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The pics and videos I see from Heico and their dyno, running normal front wheel dyno, rear ones on floor and not moving.

Think I should go to a VW or Ford dyno day sometime to see what my car makes
When I had my T3 on the Heico Dyno they set the ECU to a Dyno mode but did not pull any fuse.
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