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After a spot of one of the members of who seen a Passion Red and a Biarritz V40 on Friday.
I took the gamble to drive to that location on saturday.. :)

A volvo dealer in Amsterdam already got there showroom models and was showing them at a Ikea store as part of the Swedish Midsummer feast.

Ordered a Passion Red but did not seen it in Real Life..
But driving my second new C30 in Passion Red so I know the color.

So more Volvo dealers will be getting there ordered Showroom models..
Will be in all showroom next month..

People who been the Previews of the V40 also get the opportunity to drive with a V40 as one of the first in the Country.. Will be getting a call this week to make a appointment. :D

So back to the V40's I saw last Saturday..
There was 1 Biarritz blue Momentum D4 and 1 Passion Red Momentum T3.

The Biarritz blue D3 had the interioir that I ordered so had a good change to look at that.

Overall glad that the V40 also looks great in Passion Red.. :thumbup::thumbup:

Detail illuminated gear shift


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Good work!
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