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Just found another bug in the navigation firmware. Not too serious but I wonder if I'm the only one.

My V40 Sensus was upgraded a few months ago and the map roads went from yellow to green and I lost all my voice tags although the destinations remained. Rerecorded them and all OK for a while but yesterday they got all messed up. So if I said "Home" it recognised the word but navigated to a different location! In fact about half the voice tags now brought up a different destination.

I deleted the rogue ones and rerecorded.

However it's not fixed because all the new ones now don't work. For example I rerecorded "work". It took the recording OK and stored it. But when I say "work" it just doesn't recognise it. The original ones work OK.

I can't find a way to reset the the voice tag system. I can only delete the individual tags and record again, which doesn't work.

If anyone has a way of deleting the tags without resetting the entire navigation system and deleting all my destinations, or returning to the dealer for this minor issue, please let me know!

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