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Software Update/Exhaust smoke

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I have a v40, D2, 2015, automatic with 64k miles. I usually do small (5-10 mins ) journeys but during a week also do 2-3 long journeys (20-25 min )but not with a constant speed and never over 50 mph.

The car is serviced yearly already changed oil and air filter and also fuel filter an expensive one and I use in the last 5 months only Shell V Power. Drives well, no trembling, no delays, fuel consumption still very good.

The only issue is that I have black smoke when I gas it hard (4k rotations) having around 20% over the maximum admitted emissions.
My first question: did someone had the same issue and took the car for a software update from Volvo to reduce the emissions? I heard that they do this after the car gets older to update the injectors and how they work

I honestly suspect the DPF but I feel a sensor that might be faulty/clogged is messing the mixture between the fuel and oxygen.

I will take the car to a specialist soon and think for the worst and hope for the best.
Any advice is more than welcomed.
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I have/had between 1.1-1.4 emissions let’s say a median of 1.2. How did you pass the MOT?

yes, 1.6 D2
They have failed me even for 1.1 maybe they wanted me to give them money. Anyways, I will give it a really long run (2-3h of driving on highway) and after will see what to do next.
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