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Software Update/Exhaust smoke

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I have a v40, D2, 2015, automatic with 64k miles. I usually do small (5-10 mins ) journeys but during a week also do 2-3 long journeys (20-25 min )but not with a constant speed and never over 50 mph.

The car is serviced yearly already changed oil and air filter and also fuel filter an expensive one and I use in the last 5 months only Shell V Power. Drives well, no trembling, no delays, fuel consumption still very good.

The only issue is that I have black smoke when I gas it hard (4k rotations) having around 20% over the maximum admitted emissions.
My first question: did someone had the same issue and took the car for a software update from Volvo to reduce the emissions? I heard that they do this after the car gets older to update the injectors and how they work

I honestly suspect the DPF but I feel a sensor that might be faulty/clogged is messing the mixture between the fuel and oxygen.

I will take the car to a specialist soon and think for the worst and hope for the best.
Any advice is more than welcomed.
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The first thing I would try would be to burn the DPF out, I would do this by using my local motorway network to do a 50 mile run and use manual mode to do it in a lower gear to keep the revs between the 2.5/3K range so it won't be too hard on things but will get the DPF hot and keep it hot for long enough to burn the carbon out of it. Best done at night as the roads should be free flowing.

See if it helps then go from there.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts