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Volvo V40 D3, MY16
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Recently i replaced my worn out front rotors and pads, afterwards my fiance noticed some noise coming while driving at low speeds
I took the pads and calipers off again and made sure they fit nice and had no binding, lubricated all metal to metal parts etc.

But the noise is still there, not as noticeable as in the video, but still there and it is also noticeable at higher speeds to.
I have tried driving for 10-15km without braking much at all, and then felt if the rotors where heating up. The rotor on the left was barely warm, but at the rights side rotor was warm to touch and some heat generated in the caliper as well.

Could this be from a worn wheel bearing or is it brake related? i have tried jack up the car, and then wiggle the wheel side to side and feel for any play in the bearing but couldn't notice any.
While rotating the wheel there are some grinding noise but it seams to be coming more from the brakes and not bearing, could this just be a case of rotors and pads needing some time to break in?
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