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Hallo Everyone!

I'm making this page so others can follow the journey of me and my V40!
On this page you will find all the modification and servicing I have done to my v40!

Lets start at the beginning!

[11/04/2022] 133.508kms

This is the day I picked up my Volvo V40. It’s a Polar+ Sport edition with the D3 engine. The car was manufactured in 2019.

Before I bought this car, I was searching for a white Volvo V40 R design with a D2 engine. However after visiting multiple dealers I couldn’t find a car that met all my requirements. Good to mention is that the dealers I visited were official Volvo dealer’s. Most cars I visited needed at least 2k in maintenance work and were not serviced by an official Volvo dealer.

So after struggling to find the car I desired, I decided to visited the official Volvo dealer in my area. Quickly the salesman showed me a wide variety of V40’s. Then he showed me the V40 I ended up buying. I paid 5k more than my original budget I set. However this car had the more powerful engine, has the r design body kit and all the options I could dream of! But more important, this dealer knew the car and has maintained it since the day it rolled of the assembly line! Beside that, the car got a full detail both inside and outside, 12 months of warranty, 3 years of roadside assistance and 1 year of Volvo on call. He also offered me 3k for my old car! That was great compared to the 1K offered by the other dealers.

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[12/06/2022] 138.522kms

At this point I owned the car for about 2 months I have already driven 5000kms! The car has been amazing so far! Its smooth and quiet. And super economical! Usually I drive 22km/liter but it’s not uncommon for me to hit 26km/liter!

Anyway it time for the first modification! I have wrapped the rear diffusor, wingmirrors, front grill, logo and bits of chrome around the windows in gloss anthracite vinyl wrap. This was my first time wrapping and really happy with the results. Also I always wanted to try this colour combination! Not sure if I will stick with it!

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[30/06/2022] 140.419kms

Time for the second modification! I learned that I really enjoy wrapping and find it quite easy to do! So next I wrapped some interior trim pieces in gloss carbon fibre vinyl. The results speak for themselves! I love it and it was worth doing!

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[09/07/2022] 141.111kms

I installed a few things today. First of I installed the ambient light version of the rear interior lights. Now the whole cabin is filled with beautiful ambient light! Do you think that’s enough light? Of course not! So I installed some led bars. There stick to the surface with included magnets, are wireless and controlled with a remote. I installed them in the door pockets. They appear much brighter in the picture then in reality. They are a nice touch to the already existing ambient lighting!

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[17/07/2022] 141.436kms
I have noticed the anthracite wrap has started to bother me. It looks like a faded black and does not help with the appearance of the car. Beside I made allot of mistakes the first time around. I have designed to rewrap some parts. This time with gloss black vinyl. For now I have only done the grill. Last time the vinyl broke because I stretched it too much! This time around I removed the grill from the car, took it apart and cleaned it. Then wrapped all the piece again. I really took my time this round. The whole job cost me around 5 hours to finish. Think this colour suits the car much better and really happy with the results! The wingmirrors, rear diffuser and plastic bits arround the windows are next!

I have also replaced the rear emblems for a gloss black variant. However not all letters have the same colour! Really a waste of money! I have ordered some matt black Plasti Dip. I will paint the original chrome emblems with it and then stick them back on!

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Hello Stealth, love what you've done to the far.
Maybe not your cup of tea but talking about Plastidip, this morning i dipped the little grills directly above the tail pipes in red and i'm quite pleased with the outcome.
Hello Stealth, love what you've done to the far.
Maybe not your cup of tea but talking about Plastidip, this morning i dipped the little grills directly above the tail pipes in red and i'm quite pleased with the outcome.
Hallo Dave! Sounds cool! Maybe I will do the same but in gloss black! Do you got some pictures?
I have pictures on my phone, i'll see if i can do something with them.
Sorry can't remember my password to allow me to log in with my phone.
[20/07/2022] 141.706kms
As said in the post above I have Plasti Dipped the lettering in matt black. Really love the results! Much better then the gloss black!

About plasti dipping: I love it! Its easier the wrapping. Just need a clean surface and you are ready to go! However the quility and the protection that comes with vinyl makes wrapping it more worth at the end. So for small stuff like lettering I would recommand dipping. Just too complicated to wrap! But for big stuff like the rear diffuser I would recommand wrapping!

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(This message was made by mistake...)
[30/07/2022] 142.133kms
Like the front grill I rewrapped the rear diffuser. Not sure yet if I like it. However I think it will look great once I have wrapped the whole car white!

I think I will remove plasti dip coat of the lettering as it makes the car too dark.

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[05/08/2022] 142.156kms
I got arround and removed the plasti dip from the lettering. I think the volvo looks much better like that! What are your thoughts?

I also rewarped the mirror caps. This time in carbon fibre! Just like the intrerior! I really like how they came out!
I will try to rewrap the pieces of plastic arround the window in gloss black tomorrow. The car be completed then until im wrapping the whole car in white!

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Yes, keep silver/chrome for the letters... looks good :)
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[18/08/2022] 143.771kms
My previous car was my first car and treated was like a project car. I installed many modification including a android radio and a subwoofer. Now 4 months later and I still miss a good subwoofer in the car. I got the harman cardon sound system which sounds great in the mid bass. But just hasn't got the kick a subwoofer has.

That's why I have laid my hands on a plan to build my own subwoofer casing. At the end I came with a design im happy with.
The system uses 2x 8" Stage 82 subwoofers by JBL. 200Wrms and 800W peak. 4 ohms Impendantie
The system is powered by Club 600a by JBL. 350Wrns and 1200W peak. (I know I should have picked a more powerfull Ampifier but this one is smaller, cheaper and quite frankly I want be running on 100% power.

Below the post you will find some pictures to see my design.
The subwoofers will get a cover plate to protect the subwoofers in case of a big transport.
The enclosure takes up about 35% of the cargo space. Which is fine by me since I do most driving alone.
I do enjoy the occasional road trip with friend. In that case I might get a roof box!
The amplifier will be connected to the back of the enclosure. All cables including the heavy 6awg cables from the battery will get a quick release connector (with covers).
Also the amplifier will be easilyaccessible by lowering the left back seat!

Before even starting on the subwoofer project I ordered some sound deading material for the doors. My speakers rattle quite allot at 2/3 the max volume. I read more people have the same issue.
I hope sound deading the doors (and panels) will help with that!

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[29/08/2022] 144.422kms
They enclosure has been build! I can proudly say that it fits like a glove! Woofers, Amplifiers and other accessories are on there way.
Once I made sure everything fits nicely I will paint the enclosure matt black!

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[29/08/2022] 145.230kms
The installation is complete! The subwoofers sound amasome and are a great addition to the allready great Harman and Cardon sound system!
In addition I have also done allot of sound deading to kill any rattling noise!

At last I also installed the missing boot lights and replaced them all by more power LEDs. I did not expect to have the boot be light up like this! It's extremely well lit!
Great way to showcase the subwoofer enclosure which will get some paint in a few months!

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[26/03/2023] 155.279kms

Hello everyone. It has been a while since my last post but I have been busy. To start with I had the cars first maintenance which cost me 1550 euro. With this enormous price the following has been done:
  • Wear and tear control: €13,23
  • Original Service (Engine oil, oil filter, gasket): €285,12
  • Brake pads rear: €173,55
  • Brake fluid: €82,64
  • Timing belt + other belt: €491,74
  • Belt tensioner: €123,97
  • Air filter cabin: €53,72
  • Adblue: €20,00
  • Wiper spray: Free
  • Car cleaning: Free
  • Diesel aditive: €16,32
  • TET (Energy cost): €5,00
  • Small materials: €15,00
  • Tax: €268,86

This is my first real car. So I have no real experience with big maintenances like these. Did I pay a fair price? What can I expect in the future? I would love some feedback on this!

Beside maintenance I have also painted the subwoofer from my last post in Matt black. I really love the results!

For my latest project I have started to install an ambient light kit. For now I have finished all 4 doors. Each door now has a led strip and a door pocket light. Installation was pretty easy and the kit was cheap. Soon I will also install an led strip in the dashboard of the car.

If you got any questions then feel free to ask them!
Results of the painted subwoofer and ambient light:
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Hello everyone. In this post I would like to share the recent maintance done to my V40.

[05/04/2023] 155.905kms
After driving 22.397kms since purchase the battery has died. I had it replaced by the dealer for 285 euro.

[09/05/2023] 157.299kms
Today I brought the car to the dealer for MOT. It passed with side note that the tires should be replaced. Time to do some wheel and tire shopping!

Beside this the car has been an absolute dream to drive!
Ahh, some good news! Mine also passed the MOT recently, surprising with the amount of wear potholes cause to the suspension :D
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