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[19/05/2023] 157.792kms

Today I had my wheels and tires replaced. I upgraded from 17" Ixion III (7J / ET50) to 19" Oxigin 20 Attraction (8.5J / ET45) wheels. On the 17" I had 225/45/R17 Michelin Primacy tires and on the 19" I put 235/35/R19 Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6 tires. I also had the steering rack limiters installed. These are the results:

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nice wheels and great to see a decent set of tyres... too many people fit new wheels and try to save money with cheep tyres.
have you considered lowering the suspension too?
Yes I know right! Tyres are the most important part of a car in my opinion. Its the only contact point between you and the road.
The thought of lowering has crossed my mind but I dont think I will. The wheels are really wide and barely fit right now.
I would have to use lowering springs in combination with spacers. But im not a big fan of spacers.
So for now I will keep stock ride height!
Hello Stealth,
First of all, your V40 looks really nice! I Just bought a 2020 T3 (I think the exerior is exactly the same as yours in your first picture) and am looking to do some modifications. I want to go for an all black or 90% black exterior.

I see you did install 19 inch rims, could you share your experiences in driving between the 17 an 19 inch rims? I'm not sure if 19 inch is too big for the car, and there wanted to go for 18 inch.

Kind regards,
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