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traffic announcements

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This may have been covered by other threads but any ideas the traffic announcements have stopped working, I get the notification on the screen and whatever I'm listening to goes silent, the tp icon on the screen is grey which in the manual means no broadcast so why dose the the break happen if no broadcast. 2016 d2 nav
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Have you tried adjusting the volume during a TA? iirc you can set the volume for them independently of the volume level of the audio that is playing.
Hi I've been through the settings it works on the RDS so I've reset all the settings to see if that helps, no separate volume for TP traffic announcements and adjusting the volume will have to wait till I'm unlucky enough to be driving when one comes on
Hi an update after going through the settings i looked mainly at the RDS system you get four options artist title, radio text, pre-sets and none. pre-sets was selected, so I changed it to radio text and the traffic announcements now work. nothing in the owners manual about this
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