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Hi everyone,
I've been looking at this forum for some time, so it makes sense to post that today I ordered a V40 Cross Country D3 Summon with this package: 6 speed manual, Raw Copper, Mefitis dark gray 18" wheels, SALTHOLMEN Charcoal / Hazel Brown interiors, Adaptive distance and speed regulator, Blind spot info system, Driver alert system, interactive dashboard, backup camera, parking assistance, high performance audio system 7", panoramic roof, side scuff plate, and sun glass holder. I'm supposed to get it by April 17.

Now why did I chose the V40?..well to be honest my other option was the Ford kuga. Two very different vehicles, but both looked and handled very well. I didn't care at all to consider BMW as they are simply overrated and overpriced in my opinion. But anyway, what I liked about the V40 CC was
1) exterior looks,
2) the TFT display,
3) the gadgets (rear camera, parking sensor, ACC, blind spot, etc),
4) interior and exterior color combinations,
5) the panoramic glass
6) the front led's.

It will also be my first time driving a Volvo. I had previously owned a Ford Focus, an Acura TL (Honda), a Subaru Impreza Outback Sport, a Volkswagen Jetta, Ford Mustang, and a Nissan Pulsar NX.

So I ordered the V40 but I also know there are some things that I don't like very much, but I'm willing to get used too. Some of those things include the look of the dash board... (don't like the center vents), and the look of the instrument panel, although the TFT feature looks awesome, the design of the instrument panel itself seems old and like something out of the 50's. Anyway, can't have it all my way, but I'm willing to try it out. It will also be my first time owning a diesel, and even though the engine makes a lot of noise compared to a regular gas engine, I want to try it out and see how efficient it really is. So again, is good to try new things. I'm 38 years old and a single guy by the way, so this was never intended to be a family car.
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