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V40 2.0 D2 Momentum Nav Plus in Passion Red with Winter Pack 2017
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Oh dear..Sorry to hear of you experiences.
I must say it does seem that the pre-VEA engined 1.6 D2's are now running into serious problems as they age and mileages increase.
I bought a few months ago now a later 2.0litre VEA engined D2 and really do hope that it proves to be more reliable than the earlier 1.6 D2's seem to be.
I absolutely love my V40 and would hate to have a tale of woe like you have experienced.
Will the dealer have the car back?.Is buying a later engined V40 an option?

Yeah the 2.0 are a far better engine, my 2017 D2 is now on 118k
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