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Hello everyone!!

I've been lurking around the forum the last few days since I am interested in buying a V40 and I wanted to get all the necessary info before placing my order :)

I'm stuck on one thing though regarding the new Adaptive Cruise Control system which seems to include Queue Assist. It hasn't be cleared to me if the Queue Assist is only included for geartronic gearboxes or if it also comes with the powershift automatic. In many cases it is mentioned that the new system includes the Queue Assist if the car is automatic (no mention of geartronic or powershift), but I also read a few posts where it is mentioned that this works with the geartronic only. Is there a chance that this was the case for the previous version of A.C.C. and has been changed for the latest models ?

Could anyone with more knowledge on the matter please give me some help ?

Thank you,
Michael C.
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