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Under software the dealer is allowed to put N/A on map update and N/A on removing previous owners data. The former wasn't done on mine and the latter was only completed when I asked the salesman at hand over. I had my own checklist which he went through with me. When I got to 'Previous Owner Data' he dived in the car and pressed a few buttons to remove the data.

The way I see it is that they are meant to do all this, and the n/a is only for cars that do not have a feature (it is a generic list anyway). I do not believe it is supposed to be used as a cop-out for the dealers to cut corners.

Unfortunately, many main dealers (not only Volvo) do not seem to care much and use the approved used car schemes as a marketing tool (and not as a service quality assurance measure).

Incidentally, I had the same issue with the maps (the SatNav maps had never been updated since new), but this turned out to be only a minor issue of many with the vehicle that they apparently had not checked properly or bothered to tell me about prior to the sale/delivery.
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