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Hi and good evening to everyone.
I just recently bought a volvo v40 2.0 automatic 98 reg, having owned a v40 sort lux 1.9D and a v70 2.4 7 seater estate and being quite happy with both last ones i thought that getting another one to replace my current french car would be an idea.

Although my new v40 volvo is brilliant to drive i am facing at the moment a problem that i cannot seem to fix so any help on this subject would be appreciated.

The fault:
Car drives fine through D and 3 and L gears,no problems with kickdown or anything but when developing speed car seems to judder and its quite noticable even more on roads uphill, also so far because of this judder it seems a bit tricky to push the 2.0Litre beast up to 70 mph.
Has anyone experienced this before or know the cause of it???

Many thanks for reading.
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