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Can anyone bolster this one news report with anything official?

LLN said:
The Volvo V40, unveiled at Geneva will come to North America despite initial announcements to the contrary. It will be joined by an XC40 crossover as well, and all future Volvo cars will be powered by turbocharged four-cylinder engines as the automaker makes the transition for fuel economy reasons.

These cars will be the last of the Ford-based Volvos, and the V40 will likely get a version of Ford’s 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine. At the same time, the Swedish automaker is considering adding an entry-level crossover, the XC30, Inside Line reported. This vehicle may be shown off publicly as soon as the Paris Auto Show in the fall.

Finally, a new XC90, like the one whose drawings were shared last year, is confirmed to launch sometime in 2014, likely badged as a 2015. It will usher in the automaker’s Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA), which will also underpin the next-generation S60, S80, V70, and XC60.

The XC90 will also be the first of the now Geely-owned Volvos to get a new modular four-cylinder turbo engine range. Dubbed VEA, or Volvo Environmental Architecture, they will replace six cylinders in the brand’s products. Both gas and diesel versions will be available, though not in all markets. A plug-in hybrid will also be on offer, developed in conjunction with Siemens.
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