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Dear V40 Community,

I am looking to buy an economic second hand car that can do about 20k km a month for daily driving to work. So I decided to go for the VolvoV40.

I am stuck between a V40 D2 Summum and a D2 Ocean Race Edition. The Summum has a mileage of about 187k km whereas the Ocean race has about 235k km. The options on the Ocean race seem far superior. I test drove the two cars briefly, the Summum drove better im my opinion and shifted nicely, engine was a bit smoother as well. Only downsides was that the bumpers appeared somewhat discoloured. Car has been sitting in stock (out in the open) at car garage for almost a year.

The Ocean Race felt a bit solid, heavier on steering and didn't shift as smooth, had a bit of vibration coming off 1st gear. The left hand front tyre was worn out unevenly on the inner side. The Ocean Race is sold by an individual.

Which one would be a better buy? Appreciate any comments. I can post the links if that can help.

Kind regards,

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