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Ok, so I have my heart set on a V40 but I have the following queries and would be grateful for some input from those who actually run V40's - you guys!!

1. Engine Choice - D2; D3; T2. Because of my age, and budget (I'm looking at UK used here) I'm definitely sticking to these three engines. I've driven them all, and all are fine, D2 surprisingly sprightly, but what is the actual experienced mpg on these? The T2 has very little user data anywhere and the D3 according to HJ REAL MPG is just 47mpg, yet read a TopGear review that said they were getting 56mpg? T3 isn't great and dealer said its the same architecture and economy as the T2? Also, is DPF and issue on the diesels at all as I've heard bad things about the D2's engine in other cars? I want to keep for 5 years and do 18k miles a year so I'm on the cusp of diesel-petrol debate!

2. Trim choice. This is where I get really confused as it subtly changes on each plate I've found!! RDesign seemed the best, but MY13 seems to have Cruise control, MY14 does not? Is Nav upgrade worth it? I prefer the bigger screen, but my major desire is for the other half to be able to watch iPhone videos etc on the screen when we go long distance but read somewhere this doesn't work on the move? Do all specs have Bluetooth and is the basic stereo decent enough with DAB upgrade? I personally am trying to find an SE Nav (purely because I hate the go-faster stripe on the dash of the RDesign) but these seem rare? Lots of ES's around but the interior seemed darker, duller and cheaper - haven't actually worked out why yet!

3. Is there anything (apart from peeling paint!!) I need to watch out for? I've looked through the forum for major issues and you guys have already helped me loads!

Thanks for any responses!!
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