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My winter boots are on the car (as of this weekend) but I met a few more challenges than I expected along the way so to help others here is some info if you are getting a 2nd set of alloys to run winter rubber on.

Offset: My research led me to believe the offset on the OEM 7J 17 wheels with 225 x 45 x 17 tyres was 45mm; it isn't, the standard offset on this wheel is 50mm. The winter wheels I have are 43mm offset and whilst they look fine, you certainly would not want to push it any further, so 43-50mm offset on stated size if fine.

Centre caps: my 2nd set are genuine Volvo rims but centre cap is different size to those on car so don't assume you can transfer centre caps without checking.

Hub dia & PCD: in addition to the 5 stud 118 PCD M12 bolt pattern the hub diameters vary. The hub dia on the car I measured at 63.25mm - 63.4 should be the bore in the wheels - although you can get make up rings cheaply (£5) on eBay.

Locking wheel nuts: The fitted locking wheel nuts are massive is dia (30.5mm) and will not fit into the recess on some wheels, I have had to buy a different set of locking wheel nuts with a more slender barrel (under 28mm in dia)

Pressure Monitoring: I have no sensors in my wheels and the tyre pressure monitoring works just fine with no warnings or recalibration (identically sized tyres)

Even if you are not changing your wheels is worth dropping your rims off to see if there is any protection or lube on the hub - after 6 weeks mine was red in surface rust, so had a good rub with scotchbrite and a layer of spray grease (masking the braking disk).

As others have said consider tyre load rating, speed rating and OD when changing tyre size so as not to affect Insurance, gearing or speedo.

Also remember in the dry the snow tyres have half the rubber on the floor to your summer tyres so ultimate grip levels are reduced by around half, although they do break away in a far more progressive and recoverable manner.

I was also surprised that in 2500 miles I have run 1.5mm off my summer Conti's so D4 owners be aware of this as a 4k tyre rotation is probably advisable if you planning to wear them evenly. [Love that torque :heart:]
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